Medical Tourism
at Its Finest

While it may seem stressful to travel out-of-country for medical care, DestaMed is here to make your medical trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Out-of-country medical care is more than just going abroad to have a procedure done. The “tourism” aspect of your medical trip is just as important.

We provide our patients with a sense of comfort and tranquility before and after their procedure. Rest and relaxation are the best recovery methods. Pair that with top-of-the-line amenities and you will feel as though you’re on vacation even while you’re recovering.

Book Consultation

Your Journey


Request Your Appointment

Request a consultation appointment by filling out our secure online form. A member of DestaMed’s medical concierge team will contact you to discuss your options.


Send Your Medical Records

After your consultation, you will be required to send all your medical records pertaining to your current diagnosis. Once received, our medical concierge team will contact the best suited specialist for your procedure and will send your information to them to review.


Receive Your
Appointment Confirmation

You will receive confirmation of your appointment once your records have been reviewed and the doctor has determined the best course of action. We will reach out to you with the name of your doctor, the date and location of your appointment and procedure, and other important information required before you travel.


Receive Your Travel Itenirary

We will then make recommendations for your travel needs, including transportation, hotel accommodations, and dining options. We can tailor your travel arrangements according to your special needs and requests.



You will learn more about your surgery and meet with your medical team. This is where you can speak with your surgeon, anesthesiologist, and other various healthcare professionals to ask questions about everything, from risks to healing time to postoperative care. This will give you time to prepare beforehand.


Post-Operative Care

Depending on the nature of your surgery, you or your family members will receive postoperative care instructions which often includes pain management and wound care. Your healthcare provider will teach you about the potential side effects and complications of your procedure.

What To Expect from Start to Finish


Before Your Procedure

You will be assigned a Patient Care Coordinator who will assist with :

  • DestaMed Scheduling your medical appointments
  • DestaMed Confirming your airline reservations
  • DestaMed Arranging for hotel and car rental,
    if necessary
  • DestaMed Providing transportation from the airport
  • DestaMed Estimating the cost of your healthcare services
  • DestaMed Assisting with financial and billing arrangements

During Your Procedure

You will be assigned a Patient Care Coordinator who will :

  • DestaMed Be by your side during your medical appointments
  • DestaMed Assist with hospital admissions and
    follow-up medical appointments
  • DestaMed Make sure you understand directions from your physicians and care team
  • DestaMed Recommend local sightseeing and activities for your family members, if in attendance
  • DestaMed Update cost estimates of your medical services
  • DestaMed Assist with finances and billing

After Your Procedure

You will be assigned a Patient Care Coordinator who will :

  • DestaMed Assist with obtaining copies of medical reports and films after completed consultations
  • DestaMed Assist with prescriptions
  • DestaMed Facilitate communication with your out-of-country medical professional if needed
  • DestaMed Assist with finances and billing