“Patients First” is our guiding principle!

DestaMed is a medical concierge service built by practicing doctors and healthcare professionals. Our mandate is to provide borderless and boutique healthcare services empowering patients to prevail first-class medical services abroad.

Sometimes, life can throw a curveball. When a medical issue requires you to travel out-of-country to receive the timely care you need, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. DestaMed’s priority is to alleviate as much stress as possible so you can focus on your return to wellness.

Our multi-disciplinary team provide evidence-based medical solutions to help you gain control of your health.

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Our Team Will Take Care Of


Identifying the best specialist for your medical needs


Scheduling medical appointments that are appropriate for your out-of-country medical trip


Arranging for the best travel and lodging options


Helping you understand what to bring and how to get started on your journey

Expect the Best
Medical Care

At DestaMed, you will have access to a group of highly qualified doctors that will offer you state of the art medical service, procedures and care using the latest technologies for your overall well-being.

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Common Medical Procedures Done Abroad

If you are looking to get an elective or cosmetic procedure, the following are the most popular treatments sought by our patients:

  • DestaMed Addiction treatment
  • DestaMed Allergy treatment
  • DestaMed Bariatric surgery
  • DestaMed Cancer treatment
  • DestaMed Cardiac surgery
  • DestaMed Cardiology
  • DestaMed Cosmetic surgery
  • DestaMed Dental treatment
  • DestaMed Dialysis treatment
  • DestaMed Elective surgery
  • DestaMed Eye surgery
  • DestaMed Gastric bypass
  • DestaMed Gender reassignment
  • DestaMed Gynaecology
  • DestaMed Hair loss treatment
  • DestaMed Hernia
  • DestaMed Infertility treatment
  • DestaMed Liposuction
  • DestaMed Male breast reduction
  • DestaMed Neurosurgery
  • DestaMed Obesity surgery
  • DestaMed Organ transplantation surgery
  • DestaMed Orthopaedic surgery
  • DestaMed Rehabilitation
  • DestaMed Scans and investigations
  • DestaMed Sexual medicine
  • DestaMed Skin disorder treatment
  • DestaMed Spine surgery
  • DestaMed Sports injury treatment
  • DestaMed Stem cell treatment
  • DestaMed Urology